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Findings requiring confirmation of measures.


1) The three pyramids of Giza set out as measured and recorded by Petrie.

2) An inscribed circle is drawn for each pyramid.

3) P1 has a distinct feature of its four sides being “beveled” 37 inches toward center…Petrie ch 6 pg 26 “The pyramids and Temples of Gizeh” . This results in a circle measure of 436.14 Rc.

4) Using CAD (computer assisted drafting) a circle is drawn to encompass the three pyramids having a radius measure equal to 1053.38 Rc.

5) Total E-W measures of the three pyramids equals 1052.84 Rc…0.54 cubits (12 in/30 cm) difference in measure.



Radius of circle equals sum of the three pyramid widths.


* Topics