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The floating decimal and square root values.


Understood by mathematicians and used in every-day life, the floating decimal allows for describing large numbers in reduced format.

Earth is approximately 149,600,000,000 meters from the center of the Sun or 149,600,000 kilometers or 149.6 million km.

The first four digits remain unchanged while the balance of zeros is replaced using various lengths of measure. Effectively, the decimal place “floats” back and forth depending upon the user’s description attached to the measure.

It is standard mathematical practice to reduce all numbers to unity followed by the decimal portion.

I.e. 123.6 times 234.5 = (1.236 x 2.345) x 10^4   (10^4 = 10,000).

The identical system is incorporated at Giza but demonstrated in reverse.

The square root of two produces an irrational number having a value equaling 1.4142… To demonstrate the builder’s understanding square root values they elected to build the complex using the “floating” decimal. The square root of 2 can also be entered as 1414.2 this being 1000 times its true value.  From the Giza site, the measures 1409.9 and 1419.4 produce a hypotenuse length of 2000.6 (Ill. 1).



Illustration 1. A and B have an average length of 1000 times the square root of two (1414.6).

The sum of A and B equals the square root of two times the hypotenuse.


Although the lengths could have coincidental values there is another means of measure…the use of the King’s chamber.

Measuring 10 x 20 Rc it would result in the external measures of 141 KC “widths” from north to south, 71 KC “lengths” from east to west and 100 KC “lengths” from point to point.

The one possible objection to the above is the selected measuring locations: from center to center of P1 and P2 in the north-south direction and end to end in the east-west direction; it would be preferred to compare the measure from their external corners (Ill. 2).




Illustration2. Length A is 1000 times the square root of three (1.732) and the hypotenuse (B) is 1000 times the square root of five (2.236). Unlike illustration 1, the hypotenuse of this formed triangle is 100 times the “diagonal” measure of the King’s Chamber floor of 22.36 Rc.


The two outer pyramids were intentionally set in place using the basic measures of the King’s chamber as a guide. However, it was accurately designed to illustrate the designer’s full knowledge of square root values and incorporates a unit of measure equaling 1000Rc.


* Topics