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The Bent Pyramid…Dashure, Egypt




Perhaps we have judged too rapidly when theorizing the structural design of the Bent pyramid located at Dashure, Egypt.

From the previous topic, “The Perfect Alignment” Topics we were introduced to the concept of the three pyramids at Giza situated at a 191.4 degrees separation. This implies that the pyramid designer(s) were completely aware of planet orbital characteristics, a concept never accepted or introduced in ancient Egyptian studies.

To review the technique used by the builders, we plot the basic orbital paths for the two planets Earth and Mars. These paths demonstrate the average angular distance Mars will travel during one complete orbit of Earth (Ill. 1).


Illustration 1. The outer planet Mars travels 191.4 degrees of its orbit around the Sun during one complete orbit of Earth.


There are no complex formulae required to determine the angular measure of 191.4 degrees, and is simply calculated by knowing the number of days to an Earth year and counting the days from one alignment with Mars, Earth, and the Sun to the next alignment. What must be realized is the ancients knowing that planets orbited the Sun, and the ability to measure, record, and present their results in a most ingenious manner…their measures are brazenly “formed” into the Bent pyramid.

To compare the Bent pyramid to the orbital data for Mars and Earth, we simply rotate the illustration above to match the angular measure of the pyramid (Ill. 2).


Illustration 2.  The orbital paths of Mars and Earth are rotated then compared to the side angular measure for the Bent Pyramid at Dashure.


It is here where we must begin to realize that two separate and distinct sites: Giza, and Dashure have the identical angular measure designed within (191.4 degrees). The implementation of this angle should have automatically directed us toward considering that our ancient ancestors were aware of planets orbiting the Sun. 

From the previous topic, we were introduced to the concept of the Giza complex demonstrating planet alignment and their distances from the Sun. The most astonishing aspect was the comparison of the physical size for the three large Giza pyramids compared to the four inner planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars.

Although it is unknown how the ancients could have attained this knowledge, it is reaffirmed by the formation of the Bent Pyramid.

There are several speculations why this pyramid was actually constructed having sides with two distinct angular measures. Many theorists believe that the original structure was built upon a weak foundation causing fractures within, forcing the builders to consider aborting the project. Rather than abort, the builders elected to complete the structure at a reduced angular measure. Unfortunately, this theory is based only on the structural design of the pyramid. Since we have not realized why the designer(s) elected to form the bend in the sides, we automatically assume that something went wrong during construction, yet…the Bent Pyramid is the most “well preserved” of all ancient pyramids built in Egypt! …a great oversight made by many.

Close examination clearly shows the alteration of outer casing stone placement immediately prior to the actual change in the structure’s angular slope (bend).  These stones are more rectangular in shape, or longer in length than those below or above. The builders were actually “preparing” the sides to withstand the “directional change” in angular pressure from the courses above. The lower angled sides of the upper section actually disturb the integrity of stone placement in the lower section of the structure. The pyramid had to be built according to an initial plan. It was “intentionally” designed to have an external angular measure (bend) approximately equal to 191.4 degree within the design. To confirm, a second neighbouring pyramid (“North” [Red] Pyramid) was constructed.

By design, both pyramids: “Bent” and “North” have a calculated or completed height equal to each other.

The fact that both pyramids are equal in height supports the concept of a mathematical “link” between both structures and possibly verifies that the “bend” was intentionally designed into the structure.

This proposal could be dismissed if we knew that the Bent pyramid was the first of the two built at Dashure. But evidence indicates the Bent pyramid being built after the North pyramid, reaffirming the concept that the Bent pyramid was designed to match the height of the North Pyramid upon completion.

Two common elements are now known: equal heights for the two pyramids at Dashure, and a 191.4 degrees measure for the Bent pyramid and the Giza complex.

The 191.4 degrees definitely represents the two planets: Earth, and Mars and their orbital ratios. Now we must attempt confirming if the pyramid designer(s) had inserted their knowledge of planet sizes into the Bent Pyramid, as they had successfully achieved at Giza.

Illustration 3 shows the “three-point” or maximum size circle that can be formed by using the measures of the Bent Pyramid; this circle is to represent Earth, it being almost twice the diameter of Mars.


Illustration 3. The maximum size circle formed by the Bent Pyramid represents the planet Earth.


From illustration 3, we now add and position other known cosmic bodies, drawn in ratio to the large circle; it representing Earth (ill. 4).


Illustration 4. Only two other known cosmic object fit geometrically within the Bent Pyramid design: Mars, and the Moon.


Both Mars and the Moon fit directly into the Bent Pyramid design, unfortunately the other two know objects of approximate size: Venus, and Mercury do not. This should not deter us in any way whatsoever; it should actually help confirm what the ancients were attempting to express.

The two planets: Earth, and Mars were introduced. We know Mars orbits 191.4 degrees with respect to Earth, and the planet Earth is the only inner planet with a significant sized moon. The Bent Pyramid design is actually “created” using the measures of the two planets in question, and confirmed by including the Moon of Earth.  This is an amazing approach to demonstrate the knowledge gained by the pyramid designer(s).

Could the ancients measure these cosmic objects to such accuracy…if not…how did they gain this knowledge?

Many will remain steadfast in their belief that these measures are mere “coincidental”, but there are two other measures yet to be analyzed; the two angular slopes forming the “bend” in the side of the structure.

Why did the ancients elect to build at a steep angle (54.52 degrees) then intentionally reduce this to a lower slope of (43.35 degrees)?

The greatest challenge, ever presented to this writer, was to provide sufficient evidence to indicate that the two specified angles were by design.

What had to be analyzed were the ”unique” features relating only to Earth and Mars; no other planets were to be considered.

The answer has already been presented…the orbital paths for both planets !

Today we know and have recorded the actual orbital paths for all planets. We are aware when they are closest (perihelion), furthest (aphelion), and average distances from the Sun.

With the aid of CAD programs, we can easily create the actual paths that Earth and Mars travel around the Sun (Ill. 5).


Illustration 5. The orbital paths for the planets Mars and Earth


From illustration 5, we notice the large eccentric orbital path of Mars (0.093% offset from average), compared to the small variation of Earth (0.16%). Could the ancients have known that Mars has an elliptical orbit? If it were possible, then what means would they use to represent this knowledge within the Bent Pyramid?

We know the maximum, minimum, and average distances that Mars is from the Sun; it is calculated by simple “triangulation” measure.  Now we will discover that the ancients also measured using this identical system (Ill. 6).


Illustration 6.  Triangular measure in degrees is used to determine the distance Mars is from Earth. One set of angles is identical to the Bent Pyramid.

Illustration 6 shows the four measures of Earth and Mars from their respective min, max, and average distances from the Sun.

Observing the lower right measures to Mars, when the planet is at its average orbital location, is made from the furthest and average location of Earth. The two measures are 54.35 degrees and 43.44 degrees…the identical measures for the two angles forming the Bent Pyramid. !! (Ill. 7)


Illustration 7. The two side angular measures, forming the Bent Pyramid, are directly related to the angular distance measures to the planet Mars.


Who could have designed such a simple yet complicated structure, the Bent Pyramid, built to demonstrate their gained knowledge of planet motion, and specifically to emphasize the measures for the planet Mars with respect to Earth and its companion the Moon?

This can only be followed by the most interesting question of all…How was it accomplished ?


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