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The Grotto

Knowing that the upper shafts project through the pyramid sides on the same course level, but opposite to each other, provides sufficient reason to believe that a mathematical or geometrical function may be associated with the four shaft locations.

It is difficult to visualize what formations can be derived from the measures of the shafts and only through trial and error can we realize the outcome. A circle is drawn using the four ends of the shafts and two new geometrical characteristics are revealed within the pyramid (Ill. 2).


Illustration 2. A circle is formed using the four end locations of the shafts. The center of the circle is located on the centerline of the pyramid and equal in height with the ceiling of the King’s Chamber, it also intersects the exact location of the “grotto”, a chamber having no known function and carved within the tunnel attached to both passages.


There has never been any logical explanation for the construction of the grotto set within the roughly hewn tunnel leading from the descending passage to the ascending passage. Is this newly formed circle another coincidence, or was the small grotto intentionally built to attract our attention in an attempt to confirm that more information is hidden within the structure?

If this circular measure was to be discovered then what does it represent?



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