Pyramids in Greece ??



A salute to Ogygos !!!


Angles and distances realized by Ogygos...marked by the ancients for us to question and reason why their design.



Illustration 1. The 168.97 degrees indicates the possibility of the ancients understanding planet motion (Mars/Earth correlation…as demonstrated at Giza).



Illustration 2. The circles are redrawn (black) using “precise” orbital ratios for the planets: Venus, Earth, Mars and Jupiter

producing the perfect 168.6 degrees that demonstrates the Mars/Earth correlation…then set upon the first illustration.

The three most significant differences in measure are indicated:

1)    Center point is 0.24km (235 meters) west from actual location.

2) Inner circle is 0.48km (479 meters) west from actual location. 

3) The Parthenon is 2.23 Km east of the outer circle but this circle passes directly through the city of Athens.

However another element is to be illustrated later (Sparta’s northern ruins); it explains why the Parthenon is outside of the larger circle.


Although these measures may appear “manipulated” they are definitely not! They explain several basic features of Earth and the alignment ratios of several planets…no more…no less !!


The Sparta ruins to the north represent the planet Venus leaving the Parthenon to represent Earth.


To confirm:

1) The circular distance ratio for both is 94.22/68.18km = 1.382:1. Earth is 1.382 times further from the Sun than Venus…the identical ratio!!

2) The angular separation between both sites, with reference to the Sun (focal point), is 224.5 degrees. For Venus to “catch up” and align with Earth it must travel one complete orbit “plus” an additional 225 degrees…a total time frame of…365 daysone Earth year!

 IOW…Venus, orbiting in the clockwise direction, would align with Earth as indicated in the illustration…at the site of the Parthenon!

3) The measures are shown in kilometers for a very specific reason. Earth’s rotational speed at the Parthenon is…365.3 meters per second…the number of days to an Earth year !

Are these measures coincidental or did the designer of the Parthenon understand the system and dedicate the structure to Athena (Venus) for this very reason?

Will we ever know?

Yes…but only if there are more Ogygos’